In 1988, out of the primordial soup of Computer Animation,

Mad Scientist

Kirk O. Nash created one of the first all digital animation studios in the Midwest.

Lisle Studio 90s

Since those first days using Amiga computers and delivering final projects on video tape or as slides, hardware, software and delivery systems have changed dramatically.

What hasn’t changed, is our focus on helping our clients communicate in a high-tech, highly competitive environment.

We focus on Product/Process Visualization for marketing, training, and speaker support.  We don’t shoot video, make web pages, or animate robots fighting to the death; we focus on creating visualizations that communicate the uniqueness and often difficult-to-explain features of products and processes.

Grand Canyon w River

Anyone can take a beautiful picture of the Grand Canyon,  Scissors Gold Handle w Suitcoat



but try taking a picture of a pair of scissors that will make people stop, look, and say “wow”.


We have found that most of the time, a client’s product or process is not the Grand Canyon; with over 25 years experience, where we shine is making visuals of “Widgets” that are both engaging to look at as well as informative.

Man running w laptopWoman biting nails


Our promise to you, our harried customer:




1) You will not lose sleep due to the challenging visuals of your project.

    • We will not change our quoted price to you unless the scope of the project changes.
    • Since 1988 we have never missed a deadline.

 2.   Whether for marketing, training, or attention getting at a tradeshow, we will always strive to exceed your expectations in helping you to:

    • Increase market share
    • Increase competitive differentiation
    • Create faster response time for product launches
    • Decrease training time for new employees or new products/processes
    • Enhance customer loyalty
    • Hopefully have some FUN at work

Here at Nash Immersive, we “Specialize in Customer Delight“.

Customer satisfaction is fine, but we believe that from the beginning of a project through final delivery, you, the customer, should not just be satisfied but have a stress free, enjoyable (maybe even fun) delightful experience.Woman holding Smiley Face




Specializing in Customer Delight.