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Nash Immersive, Inc. Seeing is BELIEVING

Product/Process Visualization for Marketing, Training, and Speaker Support

Our Story

In 1988, out of the primordial soup of Computer Animation, Kirk O. Nash created one of the first digital studios in the Midwest, Creative Digital Images, Inc (CDI). 
In 2013, CDI  became Nash Immersive, Inc.

Nash Immersive focuses on Product/Process Visualization for marketing, training, and speaker support.  We don’t shoot video, make web pages, or animate robots fighting to the death; we focus on creating visualizations that communicate the uniqueness and often difficult-to-explain features of products and processes.

We are story tellers, visual story tellers.  Since 1988 we have created thousands of animations depicting everything from toxic waste spills to how gummy bears are made, from  the world’s largest mining truck to microscopic anti reflective coatings used on silicon wafers.

We deploy our visualizations in a variety of ways depending on our client’s needs.  From basic videos for display on 2D monitors, to a variety of immersive experiences such as our “Glasses Free 3D” monitors, Augmented and Virtual Reality experiences, and our interactive “Holographic” displays to name a few.

Visualization Why Use

“A picture is worth a thousand words… a 34 second animation is a thousand pictures, you do the math.”

Kirk O. Nash – Founder and Digital Visualization Director  Nash Immersive, Inc.

Product Visualization to show:

  • Product that does not exist yet
  • How parts come together
  • Focus, by hiding unessential parts
  • Inner workings by cut away method
  • Fly through of interior

Use Product/Process Visualization when filming is not possible or does not clearly show uniqueness or similarity to another product/process.

Process Visualization for a process that:

  • Is obscured
  • Is too hazardous to film
  • Happens too fast or slowly
  • Is too large to see all at once
  • Is too small to see

Whether for marketing, training, speaker support, patent (filing/litigation), or simply attention getting and holding,
Nash Immersive creates visual support for complex concepts that any layperson or expert can understand.

Nash Immersive Why Use

When someone needs open heart or brain surgery, they don’t go to a General Practitioner, they go to a Specialist.

We are not “General Practitioners”.
We are specialists in
product and process visualization.

We don’t make games, author web pages, shoot video, animate attacking zombies and then dabble in complex product and process visualization.

Today, people are constantly exposed to high quality graphics in video games, TV, movies and mobile devices.   Poor quality animation can distract and negatively affect a viewer’s perception of a product.

We combine the attention to detail of an engineer with the artistic eye of a Hollywood director.

The result captures and holds a viewer’s attention without distraction and allows them to fully understand complex technical concepts.

We did not hang our shingle yesterday.

We began creating product and process visualization in 1988.

We have created thousands of animations giving us the experience not only to know how to best use visualization technology to convey complicated concepts, but also how to handle issues that may arise to stay on target and schedule.

Since 1988 we have never missed a final deadline.

Immersive Immersive (ih-mur-siv) adj. 1. Noting or pertaining to digital technology or images that deeply involve one's senses.

Imaginative – Informative – Interactive – Innovative – Immersive

Nash Immersive

Services Our

We are first and foremost Storytellers, but have learned to use the latest technology to compliment our storytelling.
Technology, however, is like salt.  The right amount can enhance the flavor of your food, but too much can ruin your favorite meal.
Just because there are a multitude of presentation technologies available doesn’t mean they will all help tell your story.  We can help navigate the sea of technology choices to pick just the right one(s).

No job is too big, no fee is too big.” – Dr. Peter Venkman Ghostbusters 1984

Our Work A Sample Of

 An eclectic sampling of the plethora of unique, strange, and wonderful projects completed by the  gifted, brilliant, and clever animators @ Nash Immersive.

OK Mr. Nash… how’s that?


  • Computer animations/visualizations should be used when it’s either impossible to film a product or process (i.e. Doesn’t exist, too small, happens too fast/slow, need to show cutaway… anytime you simply can’t shoot it) or too dangerous to shoot (i.e. toxicity, radiation, too hot/cold an environment for film crew… anytime it’s simply too dangerous for people First Person Video devices to film).

Animation Animate (an-ih-m8) v. 1. to give life to. 2. to inspire; heighten in power of effect. 3. stimulate.

Clear product and process visualizations lead to…
Knowledge Visualization – The use of visual representations to improve knowledge transfer.

Contact Us Have Questions

Whether you’ve never used animation and want to know more or you have worked with other studios successfully (or unsuccessfully) and would like Nash Immersive’s input on an existing project’s visualization challenges, we would be happy to talk to you.

Let us know if simply animation will help you achieve your goals, or one of our other immersive technologies would also be useful to you.


“Good artists copy, great artists steal.”
                                     – Pablo Picasso  Kirk O. Nash